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Welcome to Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL), where development meets innovation and opportunity. AAL is dedicated to shaping the future of South Australia through strategic projects that enhance infrastructure and drive economic growth. With a robust focus on development and a substantial 200-hectare land bank, AAL is uniquely positioned to elevate Adelaide’s economy and contribute significantly to the region’s prosperous future.

Our Development Capabilities

AAL holds custodianship of Adelaide Airport under a 99-year lease from the Commonwealth, providing a stable foundation for long-term development initiatives.

AAL has implemented a proactive approach to our development strategy, which has unlocked extraordinary opportunities for development across the airport. Building momentum from the successful Terminal Expansion development ($167m) and the recent Mitsubishi HQ, AAL has established itself as a seasoned developer. With a proven track record of delivering excellence, AAL is poised to shape South Australia by delivering strategic projects that will elevate Adelaide’s growing economy and contribute significantly to the State’s future.

Over the past five years alone, AAL has leased 25 hectares of land and 11 developments have been completed.

Strategic Advantages

Located at the heart of South Australia’s economic hub, Adelaide Airport serves as a gateway to national and international markets. Annually handling $1.5 billion in air freight value, Adelaide Airport is not only a critical transportation hub but also a thriving business ecosystem. Our strategic location and comprehensive development capabilities make AAL the preferred partner for businesses looking to establish a presence, expand operations, or innovate within this dynamic environment.

Financial Stability and Strategic Advantage

Adelaide Airport is more than a transportation hub; it is a thriving business community home to over 300 companies, including major enterprises like Mitsubishi, FEDEX, DHL, Bunzl, and Australian Clinical Labs. By partnering with AAL, businesses not only benefit from our strategic location and connectivity but also from our strong financial backing and commitment to long-term sustainability. Our ownership structure, supported by leading Australian investors, provides the stability and resources necessary to undertake ambitious projects that drive economic prosperity.

Why Choose AAL?

End-to-End Development Expertise: AAL offers a comprehensive suite of development services, ensuring every aspect of your project—from conception to completion—is handled with precision and care.

Collaborative Partnership: We believe in fostering strong, enduring relationships with our tenants and partners. Our dedicated property team remains committed to providing ongoing support and stability post-completion, ensuring continued success and growth.

Long-Term Stability: AAL’s 99-year lease from the Commonwealth provides a solid foundation for sustainable growth and ongoing development initiatives.

Gateway to Opportunity: Located at the heart of South Australia’s economic activity, Adelaide Airport offers unrivaled access to national and international markets, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to expand and thrive.

Choosing AAL as your development partner means choosing a commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth.  Partner with us and explore the opportunities for your business to prosper.

Recent developments at Adelaide Airport include Mitsubishi, FedEx, Bluescope Steel and Australian Clinical Labs, find more information about these featured developments below.


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