Building Approvals

Building Approvals

Building and construction activities occurring on airport require approval from both Adelaide Airport and the Airport Building Controller (ABC). 

Building Applications


Building activity on Adelaide Airport is subject to statutory controls under the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Building Control) Regulations.

Any works of a building nature must be approved by both Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) and the Airport Building Controller (ABC) prior to the commencement of works.

Submission of Application

Separate applications are to be submitted to the:

1. Adelaide Airport Limited: Applications should include the appropriate application form and all supporting documentation.

Building Activity Application Package Adelaide and Parafield Airports

Adelaide and Parafield Airports Building Activity Application

Once completed please submit the application to:

Adelaide Airport Limited, Building Approvals Officer
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 8308 9211

2. Airport Building Controller: Applications via ABCO Online, click here.

Note: The AAL/ PAL Building Application approval process can take up to 28 days from the time the fee has been paid and all supporting documentation has been provided. It’s advisable to consider this timeframe when planning your submission, as expedited approvals are generally not feasible.

Before issuing Building Consent, the AAL/PAL Environment Department is required to review and approve contractor Construction Environmental Management Plans, where applicable. For further information please refer to the Construction Environmental Management Guideline.

Register of Current Building Applications and Approvals

The register of current Building Applications contains details of all applications received by Adelaide Airport/Parafield Airport as required under the Airports Act.

Building Application – Adelaide Airport – Last updated 16 July 2024.

Building Application – Parafield Airport – Last updated 16 July 2024.